Cartoning Experts,
Sleeving Specialists

The machine manufacturer of choice


Keymac Packaging Systems design, manufacture, and service a full line of primary packaging machines
aimed at the food and non-food industries worldwide.

35 years experience
With over 35 years of packaging industry expertise, the Directors of Keymac have achieved much success and brought forth innovation that have become proven standards.
Innovative approach
With Keymac’s innovative approach to solving the common challenges of production and automation, we have earned a reputation for providing simple and robust equipment that cut costs and improves efficiencies.
Industry leading technology
Keymac is the industry leader in the packaging sector striving to advance our patented designs and capabilities.

Simple and robust

Keymac has developed many unique solutions that have been
established as standard within our comprehensive range of machines

Our Product Range

Automatic Sleeving

A range of fully automatic and compact Sleevers aimed at the ready meal and chilled food industries.

End Load Cartoning

A range of end load cartoners with both semi-automatic and fully automatic product loading options.

Top Load Cartoning

Top load carton forming and closing machines for the confectionary, bakery and frozen food industries.

Custom & Ancillary Equipment

We also offer custom conveyor design and manufacturing process design services.

Manufactured in UK and USA for worldwide markets.

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