Keymac Packaging Systems develops machine to sleeve skin pack trays.

Bristol based Keymac Packaging Systems has developed an engineering solution (Patent Pending) for automatically inserting a low depth skin pack tray into a two or four panel pre-glued low depth cardboard sleeve.

The Keymac K101 Skin Pack Sleever was developed in the UK for Finnebrogue Ltd in Downpatrick who needed to automate their packing area with a machine to sleeve their packs of “Naked Bacon” at speeds up to 60ppm. Their two panel “envelope” style sleeve could not be run on a conventional sleeving machine which promoted Keymac to work with Finnebrogue to develop a solution for them.

The machine can run either full length or watch strap sleeves and can sleeve trays with a minimum depth of 10mm. The machine times skin pack trays arriving narrow edge leading into the flight chain and opens up the sleeve prior to insertion of the tray. The machine shares the same footprint as the company’s standard K101 Sleever and is available in right and left-handed configuration.